I Got Out Of Bed Today

by Rosehip Teahouse

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released December 5, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Faye Rogers.



all rights reserved


Rosehip Teahouse England, UK

A twinkling descent into sadness.

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Track Name: Something Else
Trying to be myself but I think I'd rather be something else.
How did you imagine me?
It's probably something I couldn't be.

Trying to act so cool like I don't care, but I care too much when you're not there.

What the fuck is this mess I've made?
You went away and I started to fade.

Do what you want to do, I'll try and fit in somehow.
Say what you want to say, I'll always be listening.
Track Name: No Gloom
Will you always be so blunt with me?
I thought I could be distant but I can't, not with you.
It's so hard to pretend I don't wanna see you everyday.
'Cause I wanna see you everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday.

Maybe one day we'll go on a date.
But for now I think I can wait.
'Cause in your room there is no gloom.
You kiss me and I swoon, and I swoon.
And I swoon.

I want you to hold me and tell me the things you really feel.
Like if you wanna get ice cream, or that you don't feel real.
I don't think that day will come.
I wanna kiss you, tell you I miss you but I can't.

I think I like you too much and it hurts.
Track Name: Cereal
I'm glad I didn't let myself die.
Imagine what I'd have missed out on.
I just ate three bowls of cereal and I feel good about it.

I'm glad I didn't let you kill me off.
'Cause you almost did.
And now you're gone, I miss you.
But much less than when you were here.

I still cry an awful lot, but I like it now. I like it.
The tears roll down my face and I know that I'm alive.
Light still surrounds me but it doesn't carry me away.
Your face stayed in my head but now I know how to ignore it.

I'm alive.